A better day starts with taking back control of your night.

You’ll never need an alarm clock again

Learning To Sleep’s mobile-centered platform puts convenience at the center, because new habits will never form if it isn’t easy for you to access.

We have taken years of research and clinical studies and put it into a programme that will help you to get better sleep. Learning to Sleep is evidence based and uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) that will learn you how to get the best sleep possible. The programme has been tested on patients in Sweden with over 90 per cent success.

Soon available on App Store & Google Play store.

Using the power of science

We know what really works to get you sleeping well again.


Everything we do builds on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) which is a proven way of changing behaviors.


9 out of 10 people overcomes their sleeping problem with our program  according to studies made by healthcare actors in Sweden. 

The sleep program

Our sleep program combines CBT with mobile platforms and engaging dialogue with exercises and techniques.

Clinical research

Our 5 week sleep program is based on years of research and experience to improve effectiveness of your sleep. 

When’s the last time you slept this good?

Sleeping poorly is a global problem

It’s estimated that nearly 775 million people across the world suffer from a sleep disorder.


50-70 million

So. America

35-40 million


45-50 million


125 million


350-400 million


3 million

Sleep is the foundation of good mental health.
It’s about time we started treating it as such.

Sleeping disorders are about to become a public health epidemic, leading not only to severe sleeping problems but also causing heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, anxiety and stress symptoms. In the US alone sleeping problems cost is over USD 63 billion per year (source CDC). 

Meet your sleep professionals

Our team of experts have worked extensively to develop a sleep aid app based on cutting edge research and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Peter Boye


Cognitive behaviour therapist and pioneer within mobile health solutions.

Micael Gustafsson


Serial entrepreneur with experience from ICT media and telecom.

Michael Johanesson


Systems architect with experience from e-learning and mobile development.  

Helena Kubicek


Psychologist and leading expert on sleep improvement programs in Sweden.

Bjarne Werner

App & Backend Developer

Roland Johansson

App Developer & Designer

Stina Gunnarsson

Project Manager

Oscar Blide

Motion Graphic Artist

Petronella Gustafsson

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Pontus Ohlsson

App Developer

Hossein Lavi

Art Director

Focusing on creating sustainable constellations
for brands

Josefine Hjertström

Concept Developer

Specialize on building new business models that integrates companies into the global ecosystem.

Emilio Bernard

Graphic Designer

Brilliant designer with background in packaging and high professional integrety

Partners and customers